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Supplementing with hydrogen atoms is like opening the Trojan horse before it gets through the gate

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hydrogen-enriched waters, hydrogen molecule tablets and molecular hydrogen water generators are everywhere, but do they provide the benefits that are being promised?

Several times a week I get asked the question, “should I be drinking hydrogen water”? To answer this properly we must consider Deutenomics, the new and rapidly expanding area in science that involves deuterium discrimination in Nature. Lászlo Boros, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the UCLA School of Medicine and Chief Scientist at the Brentwood Center of Deuterium Depletion explains that dissolved oxygen (O2) in our plasma can make water from hydrogen. However, based on physiological and biochemical reactions, this is not where we want to form bonds between hydrogen and oxygen.

We need oxygen to travel to the mitochondria and peroxisomes to make metabolic water– also known as deuterium-depleted water– an essential process that takes place inside of mitochondria. Peroxisomes and mitochondria are the only 2 organelles in cells that can harvest hydrogens from food to make this metabolic water. If you make water in plasma using the dissolved oxygen that is attached to hemoglobin before it can reach these two organelles, you prevent or reduce the ability of your cells to produce its own metabolic water that is as designed by nature deuterium-depleted. Using up this dissolved oxygen or the oxygen bound to hemoglobin in your blood stream before it reaches your mitochondria is practically like opening the Trojan horse before it gets through the gates.

In fact, adding protons without adding O2, can cause existing water to absorb the protons and form new structures known as Zundel and Eigen cations. Basically this creates restructured water and these formations can cause problems for your blood cells because this interferes with deuterium depleting mechanisms.

Now on the other hand adding oxygen with hyperbaric oxygen treatments or ozone therapies actually provides ways to deplete deuterium.

Let's think back to an experiment that you hopefully remember from elementary school. Your teacher placed a battery that provides a DC (direct continuous current) in water. The positive charge releases O2 (O2 has negative charge) and the negative charge releases hydrogen (protons have positive charge). There has been some potassium or bicarbonate added to the water to conduct the electricity. The result is a powerful explosion. Check out this youtube “the electrolysis of water” for the experiment performed in a chemistry lab and this one for fun in the backyard.

If you drink this hydrogen-enriched water, this is what happens in a very controlled fashion in your plasma. This is why we cannot make hydrogen-fueled cars because if they collide, the explosion has the potential to destroy a whole bridge or building.

Hydrogen does not ever appear in nature without being bound to something. Hydrogen is always attached to Nitrogen, Carbon, or Oxygen. It is only freely available in your mitochondria.

The second issue is that these waters and forms of hydrogen gas not only increase the hydrogen content but, potentially also contain increased concentration of deuterium atoms. Deuterium is a growth––and transforming factor for all microbes, including virus hosting cells and viruses, while deuterium is an oncoisotope in mammalian cells with mitochondria. Why would we want to increase that? We do not.

Believing marketing efforts by marketers who know nothing about the biochemistry and physics required to understand the consequences of altering these balances that exist in nature and therefore do not consider the medical implications of such interventions is not the best strategy to maintain and improve your health.

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